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Safe and Simple Online Payments with Direct Bank Transfers

PayDirect allows customers to make payments to businesses within their online banking, just like they pay their phone or utilities bill.


We use proprietary technology that lets you securely log into your online banking or mobile banking to pay with PayDirect. We provide the same protections and peace of mind you get when paying in-store with your debit card.


Whether you are an individual or business, just follow the instructions below to get started sending and receiving payments through PayDirect.


Businesses — Request payment

  1. We generate a customer-specific PayDirect # in your merchant portal.

  2. This includes the PayDirect # and payment instructions for your invoice.

  3. Invoices are sent directly to your customer.


Customers — Make payments

  1. Log in to your online banking

  2. Add PayDirect as a payee with the instructions from your invoice.

  3. Transfer funds directly to the merchant from your bank account.

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